Type 2 Diabetes Programs

Eligible HCF members can enroll in the ALL INCLUSIVE Type 2 Diabetes Healthy Weight For Life Program AT NO CHARGE (normal value $750).

This is a great opportunity to improve your health and feel great at no cost to you.




The Healthy Weight for Life Type 2 Diabetes Program

The Healthy Weight For Life Type 2 Diabetes  program is a carefully structured 18 week, three-phase program designed to help you manage or avoid the variety of disabling health complications associated with type 2 diabetes. It provides the structure, educational tools and support to assist you to achieve initial weight loss and learn sustainable lifestyle skills to control your weight and improve your health outcomes in the long term. 

With strong clinical research behind it, the program has been developed by weight management experts using the most up to date scientific methods to meet government obesity-management and nutritional guidelines. All educational materials, tools and products provided during the program are medically appropriate and have been reviewed and approved by a panel of independent clinical experts.


The integration of the evidence based products and lifestyle modification tools with a wide range of communication media and support technologies helps to facilitate cognitive behavioural change for long term weight management success. The innovative use of technology ensures the program can be made accessible to all eligible participants, regardless of location or time constraints.


What's included :-


  • 147 sachets of KicStart VLCD meal replacements to help kick-start the weight loss process
  • 1 portion control eating system - a great practical guide to preparing delicious, healthy and well portioned meals that can be used to prepare nutritious well-balanced meals for the entire family
  • 1 milkshake maker for preparing KicStart VLCD sachets at home or on the go
  • 1 tape measure for self-monitoring your waist circumference
  • Password-protected access to  educational coaching modules
  • Password-protected access to your own personal weight and health record with both tabular and graphical displays for tracking your progress towards your healthy weight goals. (Printable for sharing with your health care team or for inclusion with medical records if required)
  • Direct email and telephone access to qualified and experienced healthcare professionals who utilize various techniques of motivational interviewing all in an effort to help you achieve the best outcomes from your program
  • Over the 18 week course of the program you will be gradually introduced to various behavioural modification techniques and taught various skills to help you to recognize, manage and overcome some of the conscious or unconscious psychological barriers that may be confounding your weight loss efforts.

Not eligible for a funded program?
But ready to act?

If you find you are not eligible for a funded Healthy Weight for Life program but you would like to act now to reduce your weight and improve your health, take a look at the self-funded Healthy Weight for Life Program

Watch these videos to see how the Healthy Weight For Life programs can help improve the management of type 2 diabetes (and cardiovascular disease).