HWFL Tool Kit 

The HWFL tools have been expertly developed to help overcome the many factors that influence what we eat and drink during the day and help establish new easy to maintain healthy habits.

    • Week-by-week guide
    • Portion Planner Disc
    • Lunch and Snack Box
    • Water Bottle

[The intensive 18 week Healthy Weight for Life programs incorporate the phased use of KicStart VLCD across Phase 1, 2 and 3 (view details)

HWFL portion plan resources - Copy

For self funded programs the individual HWFL tools are also available for purchase.

Week-by-week Guide

The HWFL Week-by-Week Guide is the book that forms the backbone of the HWFL programs. It has been carefully designed to be read week by week throughout the program and maps out the complete journey, making it an easy-to-follow process. Topics covered in the book include:


(For self funded programs the individual HWFL tools are also available for purchase. Click here)

Portion Planner Disc to prepare tasty, portion controlled meals

A common mistake many people make with the evening meal is unconsciously consuming a larger portion than they need.

By using the Portion Planner Disc and following the instructions provided in HWFL Week-by-Week Guide you can reduce the energy content of your evening meal by around 50% without going hungry or feeling like you are on a diet.

For more information on using the portion planning disk

(For self funded programs the individual HWFL tools are also available for purchase. Click here)

Water bottle

Filling and re-filling your drink bottle (aiming for up to two litres each day) with plain water and drinking from it regularly throughout the day will help you:

    • Maintain your hydration and minimise the risk of mistaking thirst for hunger - surprisingly a lot of people confuse the two and over eat as a result
    • Reduce the likelihood of drinking high energy fruit juices, fruit smoothies, full fat flavoured milk drinks, soft drinks or sports drinks when you are thirsty
    • Avoid spending money on expensive bottle water

Lunch and Snack Box -  plan ahead to take control

Filling the lunch and snack box each day with your choice of great tasting healthy food will help you:

  • Resist the temptation to snack on high energy foods when you are stressed, bored, sad or excited (you can snack on the contents of your lunch and snack box instead)
  • Be less susceptible to enticing food and drink advertising

Understanding 'Free Food and Drinks' - no need to go hungry or get bored!

Platter of assorted fresh vegetables with dip

An important key to successful weight loss and weight maintenance is finding ways to avoid feeling hungry, getting bored and managing the desire for snacks.

Any combination of low energy density 'Free Foods' can be consumed at any time during the day because they do not contain enough food energy (kilojoules or calories) to have a significant impact on body weight.

This means you can enjoy really great food without compromising your eating plan.