Kic-Starter Pack

Kick start your journey to the healthier version of you.

What's included?

The Healthy Weight For Life Kic-Starter pack ($80.95) can guide you on the first important steps of your journey towards a healthier weight.

Everything you need to get started.

  • HWFL Online Member Portal (1 Month Access)
  • Portion Planner Disc
  • Portion Perfection Free Vegetable Cookbook
  • 14 KicStart™ VLCD sachets, any flavour combination you like! (1 week’s supply for weight loss OR 2 weeks supply for weight maintenance)
  • HWFL shaker
  • Access to the expert HWFL Care Support Team (1 Month Access)

What's the plan?

Step 1

Use a KicStart™ VLCD shake or soup to replace one or two meals a day.

KicStart VLCD has been used successfully in the internationally published Healthy Weight For Life™ programs for over 15 years.

For weight loss: Using 2 KicStart™ shake or soup meals a day can help you achieve a significant calorie deficit for weight loss, allowing you to give 100% of your attention to learning and practicing your new healthy lifestyle skills for the remaining main meal(s).

For weight maintenance: Using 1 KicStart™ shake or soup meal a day (or intermittently) can help balance overall daily energy intake to support weight maintenance.

Step 2

Use the Portion Planner disc to prepare delicious dinners (or lunches)

Use your Portion Planner Disc and Free Vegetable Cookbook to help you plan healthy and tasty main meals (dinner or lunch).

The Portion Planning Disc fits over your usual dinner plate, then simply fill each segment according to what is written on the rim.


  • The protein and carbohydrate segments should be filled no higher than the top of the disc.
  • The salad and vegetable segment can be stacked as high as you would like (Remember: potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn belong in the carbohydrate segment).

Step 3

Use ‘free foods’ to prepare additional snacks and side dishes that can be eaten any time.

There is no need to go hungry or get bored!

‘Free Foods’ can help manage hunger and cravings plus boost your daily fibre and antioxidant intake. We call them ‘Free Foods’ because they do not contain enough food energy (kilojoules or calories) to have a significant impact on body weight and can therefore be eaten freely at any time during the day, without compromising your goals.

Just because ‘Free Foods’ are healthy doesn’t mean they can’t taste fantastic too! With fresh ingredients and a little creativity you can prepare guilt free tasty snacks to be enjoyed between meals or to accompany a KicStart™ shake or soup meal.

Step 4: Healthy Resources & Support

Expert support & education is on hand! You can contact your HWFL Care Support Team if you have any questions or need some guidance.

The team are highly experienced allied healthcare professionals (accredited practicing dietitians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, nurses) who are on hand to partner with you as you practice some new lifestyle habits that will optimise your journey to better health!

So if you have a question or would like extra support on your health journey, the team are just a phone call, SMS or email away.

The Online Member Hub is the epicenter for your health journey.

Access allows you to set personal goals & utilise educational resources (exercise videos, healthy recipes, nutritional information) as well as tracking & reviewing your progress including weight, activity & health indicators.

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Where to after you've finished your starter pack?

Continue this plan for as many weeks as you need to achieve and maintain your health goals. Found KicStart™ VLCD a helpful tool?