Preparation and Flavours

Exquisite KicStart™ Nutrition in Exciting Flavours!

Described as the only readily available Australian VLCD product to meet the EAR (estimated average requirement) of all nutrients for both men and women*, KicStart™ has a proud tradition of formulations that provide incomparable and comprehensive nutritional value.

* Nutrition & Dietetics MARCH 2009; Vol 66:12-19.

The delicious milkshake flavour sensations available are:-

Chocolate Deluxe - a decadent velvety textured shake, full of nutrients and bound to satisfy any chocaholic!

Vanilla Bean - a creamy, silky-smooth shake that is perfect on its own or use it as the ideal base for experimenting with exotic taste sensations such as blitzing with a blast of frozen berries into a delicious low calorie fruit smoothie!

Strawberry Sundae - combines the taste of wild strawberries and whipped cream in a delicious yet nourishing milkshake!

Tropical Banana - enjoy the delicate aromatic sweetness of bananas in this luscious shake. A must for a nutritious breakfast!

Cafe Latte - the smooth coffee flavour of this shake is a great nutritious way to jump start both your morning and your weight loss.

Caramel Fudge - a creamy butterscotch toffee flavoured shake that is truly delicious!

Our range of soups include:-

Pumpkin & Herb - a tasty and hearty soup that is terrifically filling all on its own, or is a great base to which can be added Free Food vegetables or fresh herbs to satisfy any taste preference!

Creamy Chicken - a creamy and delicious winter favourite. Enjoy on its own or add some Free Food vegetables to really spice things up !

Italian Style Tomato  - a hearty tomato soup with a mediterranean flavour. Delicious as is or use it as a sauce base with Free Food vegetables.

Asian Beef  - a stocky beef soup with a hint of asian herbs and spices.

Pea & Ham  - a smoky and hearty soup that is dairy, soy and gluten free.


Tips for personalising the KicStart™ flavours

Increasing Sweetness

Try using a commercially available sweetener such as Stevia, Nutrasweet®, Extra®, Splenda® etc ...

Decreasing Sweetness

Try adding ½ teaspoon of instant coffee as you are preparing it.

Make the shakes very cold.

Adding Additional Flavours

Add a portion of essence when shaking (eg. vanilla, almond, hazelnut, butterscotch, cherry brandy, rum, cinnamon).

Summer Favourites

Use an electric blender and add some of the berries (either fresh or frozen) from the free food list, to make a fruit smoothie.

Blend with some ice cubes or add some cubes of ice while shaking then pour the shake into a large drinking glass before drinking to make the drink icy cold.

Freezing a prepared shake makes a refreshing “gelato” or you can blend a cup of ice cubes with the KicStart™ powder and 100ml of water to make a “slushie”

Do you have any special tips that you have found for personalising your KicStart™?
We would love to hear them!

Send us an email with your recipe suggestions.




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