KicStart VLCD Shakes & Soups

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE:In an effort to ensure that we continue to provide a consistent supply of KicStart meals for both our current program and graduate members, we have taken the decision to place a temporary limit on the number of bulk boxes that individual customers can order at one time to 2. To this end we are removing this option from the estore just for now, but we encourage you to please contact the Healthy Weight For Life Team on 1800226180 to place any orders for bulk boxes. We thank you for your understanding and assistance.


HWFL Graduates: TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT  PLEASE BE SURE TO USE YOUR COUPON CODE - if you are unsure of your discount coupon code, please call the HWFL team on
1800 226 180.

KicStart VLCD Personal Choice Variety Packs

Flexible flavour choice - mix and match your favourite flavours in whatever quantity suits your needs


Authorised graduates of all Healthy Weight For Life Programs (and their family and friends) can use their allocated discount coupon code to reduce the price of their KicStart VLCD to 10% off the RRP - approx. $2.66 per sachet.
Please call 1800 226 180 if you need more details.


Price: $2.95* AUD

KicStart Chocolate Deluxe 55g sachet
KicStart Vanilla Bean 55g sachet
KicStart Cafe Latte 55g sachet
KicStart Strawberry Sundae 55g sachet
KicStart Tropical Banana 55g sachet
KicStart Caramel Fudge 55g sachet
KicStart Pumpkin & Herb Soup 57g sachet
KicStart Creamy Chicken Soup 55g sachet
KicStart Asian Beef Soup 55g sachet
KicStart Italian Style Tomato Soup 58g sachet
KicStart Pea & Ham Soup 58g sachet

* - indicates taxable supply (price includes GST).

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