Stand Up to Joint Pain. Live life.

We proudly partner with Bupa to offer eligible* customers the fully supported knee and hip osteoarthritis management program at no cost. The Bupa funded* program helps to reduce joint pain, improve mobility and/or prepare for surgery - all in the comfort of your own home. It achieves this by combining:

  • structured eating and weight management plan to reduce joint load
  • muscle strengthening exercises to help stabilise joints, improve mobility and reduce pain
  • personal support and monitoring from a specialised healthcare team

100% Funded for eligible Bupa members*

Hip and Knee Care Self-assessment

This simple self-assessment tool will help you easily identify hip and knee care options supported by Bupa that may be available to you, including the Healthy Weight for Life Program.

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Why is Weight Management important in the Management of Knee Pain?

For each additional kilogram of body weight a person carries there is an extra 4 kilograms of force exerted through the knee joint with every step taken during the day.

For individuals with knee or hip osteoarthritis who are overweight Australian treatment guidelines strongly recommend a minimum weight loss target of 5–7.5% of body weight.

For people of healthy body weight, maintaining a healthy body weight is essential.

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How Can The Program Help Me?

The internationally published (ref 1, ref 2, ref 3) in-home osteoarthritis management program is available at no cost to eligible* Bupa members and includes over $900 worth of products, service and support.

The program aims to improve your day-today living and associated quality of life by reducing knee and hip pain and stiffness and improving mobility. It can also improve your preparation (pre-hab) for knee or hip replacement surgery (if relevant).

It achieves this by combining:

  • A structured eating and weight management plan (targeting 5-10% loss) to reduce joint load

  • Increasing the strength of muscles around their knee and hip joints

  • Gently increase physical activity (where possible)

All the products and tools are delivered directly to your home so the entire program can be done in comfort at home regardless of whether you live in the city or country.

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Is the program right for me?

The HWFL Care Support Team are a specialised team of nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and occupational therapists who are on hand to help you learn more about the program so you can decide if it is right for you.

Call the team on 1800 226 180 or click the button to request program information.

Expertly researched and developed  to integrate:

5+% weight loss

Healthy Weight For Life portion planning and lifestyle modification system (view details) and phased use of KicStart™ VLCD meal replacements (view details).

Strength and mobility

Targeted strength, balance and mobility exercises to help stabilise joints and improve mobility - using the complete at home Strength, Mobility and Pain Management Kit (view details)


Gentle exercise plan

Gentle exercise such as walking to help reduce joint stiffness and improve physical function.

Monitoring and support

A specialised healthcare team to provide support and guidance via phone, SMS, email, private online message board and post (view details).

Digital member hub

A secure personal web portal to track progress, access great resources and message your support team (view details).


Pain management

Complementary pain management techniques and strategies.

The Program Includes

All the resources you need to do the program will be home-delivered to you at no cost (following eligibility approval from Bupa).


The Healthy Weight For Life portion planning and lifestyle modification system


Phased use of KicStart VLCD meal replacement shakes and soups


Digital Member Hub - personal online tracking and resource web portal

customer care team

Expert support and guidance from the specialised allied health Care Support Team (view details).

Program Eligibility Requirements For Bupa Members

* Bupa OA HWFL eligibility criteria includes
  • Current or historical diagnosis of knee or hip osteoarthritis AND
  • Body mass index (BMI) ≥ 28 AND
  • Age - 40 years plus AND
  • Hospital policy that includes joint replacement AND
  • Have not previously participated in the Program funded by Bupa AND
  • GP, physio or surgeon approval and confirmation that you meet AT LEAST ONE of the following:
    • Knee or hip symptoms that have (or are likely to in the foreseeable future) necessitated referral to an orthopaedic surgeon for investigation or evaluation for a joint replacement procedure OR
    • An existing knee or hip joint replacement that has developed symptoms that could benefit from weight loss, improved fitness and muscle strength OR
    • A knee or hip joint replacement procedure is planned and weight loss, improved fitness and muscle strength prior to surgery is desirable

Program eligibility criteria may change from time to time. Waiting periods may also apply.


Already a Bupa Graduate? Activate Your Bupa Pulse Intervention

Bupa members who have completed a HWFL Osteoarthritis program may be eligible^ for the Bupa Pulse program. The Bupa Pulse Intervention is designed to support continued long-term weight management OR re-stimulate intensive weight loss for those who have started to see incremental weight gain.

The Bupa Pulse program consists of

  • A phone consultation with the Healthy Weight For Life team to re-set your goals and create a Personal Action Plan
  • Home delivered Booster Pack including your Personal Action Plan AND 50 sachets of KicStart VLCD meal replacements (your choice of flavours)
  • Ongoing access to your personal Digital Member Hub
  • Access to the HWFL Graduates Support Group on Facebook
  • Unlimited inbound phone support via the HWFL Care Support Team through the course of the intervention
^ Bupa OA HWFL Pulse Intervention eligibility
  • Bupa HWFL graduate. e.g. must have completed full 18 Week program incl. all documentation and reporting
  • Need to have graduated at least 12 months ago
  • Must still have an eligible level of funded-cover
  • Have not previously participated in the Pulse Intervention funded by Bupa

What Participants Say About The Program

Shirley at week 18 - April 2020

It is an easy to follow and well supported program. The information and guidelines provided are realistic, providing everyday support and explanations. The way the breakfast, lunch and dinner options were listed was so easy to follow and remember for future reference. The book is a great asset to the program with very revealing information for use in life. It is easy to apply and doesn’t require anything special. A wonderful educational program!

Janet at week 18 - November 2019

I am so grateful for the OAHWFL program. I lost 10kg and 9 inches around my waist in the 18 weeks, thanks to the meal replacements and recipes and dietary advice. I had tons of energy and got motivated to exercise more. My hip replacement was last Feb, and I now ride 4kms on the cycle path every second day or so, and enjoy it. I lost a whole clothing size and feel healthy. Best of all, my hip pain is negligible and my chronic back pain is much less frequent. I can perform pretty much all household and gardening tasks that I was doing 2-3 years ago before my hip got bad.

Denis at week 18 - March 2020

It helped me drop blood pressure medications, more energy and overall well being. Fitter than I was 18 weeks ago, dropped 10cm off belt size!

Meredith at week 18 - December 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life program.
It has been life changing for both of us. I look in our pantry and the change is amazing. No more sweet biscuits, no snacks, no treats. More cans of beans etc for salads. Sugar is lasting twice as long as before and without a doubt the best tool has been the plate divider.
Frank is so much more mobile and has regained a confidence I have not seen for a very long time. He has increased his exercises (group based) and moves virtually independently within the house.
Other health issues have decreased dramatically and I can pinpoint the program as being the catalyst for improvement.
We are both grateful to have been offered this program and are determined to maintain the improvements we have achieved. We are both healthier, happier and a lot more mobile than in July/ Aug when we started.

Glen at week 18 - March 2020

This program has been very effective in assisting me to NOT require Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. This is a major factor in my improved sense of well-being achieved throughout the last 16 weeks. I was scheduled by one orthopaedic specialist to undergo TKR on the 25th October, and, after seeking a 2nd opinion, that specialist clearly adopted a different paradigm to rushing to surgery. This has been so important, and my knee pain has improved significantly, as evidenced in my return to 'normal' activities' and reflected in my survey responses over time. My GP has been extremely impressed, and, most importantly, the impact of the support has been critically important in my not requiring TKR surgery, which has substantial risks and potential complications.

Dragana at week 18 – March 2020

"It helped me to lose ~17 kilos, my glucose levels are in normal ranges, my cholesterol reading much better and I feel full of energy almost all the time. I couldn't be happier with the results."

Media Mentions

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"I never thought I would loose the weight, but by trying to remain focused and with help from the girls, it all happened. I am feeling stronger in my body and more confident"

M.W - Victoria

HWFL Graduate + Bupa Member

“Reducing my weight has made it easier to move which in turn has made it easier to lose more weight. My mental health has improved as a result”

K.S - South Australia

HWFL Graduate + Bupa Member