Physio-led 'Prehab' Joint Pain Program

A detailed self-assessment of your osteoarthritis joint pain that informs a personalised physio-led treatment plan including video-health consultations

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Physiotherapist-led strengthening exercises are proven to reduce osteoarthritis joint pain. This highly successful program is for joint-pain sufferers where weight is not a contributing factor to osteoarthritis pain.

Includes the in-home Stand Up To Joint Pain - Strength, Mobility and Pain Management kit, personalised online physio portal & instructional strenthening exercises.

Ongoing physiotherapist support is based on your pain & functional difficulties & discussed at length with your physiotherapist as part of the program.

SUTJP Pain, Function & Mobility Review 

You begin the program by completing the SUTJP Pain, Function & Mobility Assessment.

Your submission is reviewed by our specialist team of physiotherapists, who will design your personalised treatment plan based on your specific needs. Targeted strength, balance & mobility exercises will be uploaded to your Personalised Physio Portal (read more below).

This treatment program is then delivered via telehealth physiotherapist consultations.

SUTP Self Assessment Example
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Personalised Physio Portal

Your first telehealth consultation will discuss your Pain, Function & Mobility assessment results. Your physiotherapist will recommend a number of exercises specifically relating to strengthening the muscles that support your joint. In addition, they will answer any questions you have regarding your treatment plan.

Upon completion of your first telehealth consultation, you will receive access to your Personalised Physio Portal. Here you will find detailed step-by-step explainer videos of 40+ exercises. Each of these exercises has been designed by our expert physios to be completed in the home, without specialised equipment.

Your second telehealth consultation will review your strength and mobility progress as well as considering feedback regarding your treatment program. Changes to your treatment plan if required, can be implemented now.

At this time your physiotherapist will discuss ongoing physiotherapist support and if additional tele-healths sessions could improve your pain reduction.


"Extremely helpful as I can see improvement in my mobility on a weekly basis by continuing the exercise program"

Dennis J

Signifigantly Reduced Joint Pain + SUTJP Graduate
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SUTJP Strength, Mobility & Pain Management

Phase 1 includes the Stand Up To Joint Pain program. These exercises have been designed to strengthen the muscles around the joint. This medical intervention has proven to reduce joint pain.

Exercises are grouped by intensity level (3), the activities they assist in reducing pain (e.g up/ down stairs, in/out car) and when they can be accommodated into your daily routines (watching TV, brushing teeth etc)

Phase 1 includes

  • SUTJP Booklet with step by step instructions for over 40 graded exercises.
  • Step-by-step instructional videos that match the book.
  • Resistance exercise tubing for use during some of the exercises.
  • Hot/cold pack for short term relief of pain and stiffness.

..."is something that I can keep doing by myself, but it has set me up with exercises to keep mobile"

Bernadette G

Signifigantly Reduced Joint Pain + SUTJP Graduate
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