Habits, Activity, Diet - Assessment and Planning Tool (H-ADAPT)

HWFL Care Support team

To help us work with you to tailor your personal plan, our team of experts have developed the comprehensive online questionnaire called H-ADAPT (short for the 'Habits, Activity, Diet - Assessment and Planning Tool).

H-ADAPT is an online tool that guides you through a detailed 360-degree personal assessment of:

    • your current eating, drinking and exercise patterns, and


    • how mood, attitudes and feelings may be influencing your personal choices


It is also educational and responsive, so it gives you the opportunity to reflect upon, think about and prioritise the goals that you are ready and willing to make.

Upon completion of the H-ADAPT Survey, your individual H-ADAPT report is generated. This report provides the foundation for your HWFL Essentials program.

The H-ADAPT captures quantitative and qualitative information about your current habits and behaviours in the following areas:

HWFL Essentials Personal Dietetic Consults

The HWFL Essentials program (no cost to eligible HCF members) provides 4 personal dietetic consults spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart over 18 weeks.

Our dietitians carefully review your individual H-ADAPT survey report and use this as an important foundation to structure and guide your initial consult. We work with you in this one-on-one phone appointment consult to discuss your priorities and develop personal goals and action plans together to help you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

In subsequent consults, we make sure to reassess your goals with you and adapt your plan based on your current level of progress and any changes to your motivations and challenges.

Your initial H-ADAPT results can be revisited and the H-ADAPT survey can be re-done at any point during the program to ensure that our advice and support reflects what is most relevant to your current situation.