Kicstart Serving Suggestions

strawberry shake and strawberries
Tomato soup and fresh tomatos

There are 6 delicious KicStart™ shake flavours and 5 hearty KicStart™ soup flavours available which can be used on their own or mixed with an amazing variety of additional ‘free food’ ingredients to make an endless array of unique personalised flavours.

For variety or to jazz up your favourite KicStart™ why not try some of our serving suggestions?

Remember - you can also enjoy tasty 'free food' snacks and side dishes with your KicStart™ shake or soup.

View 'free food' Recipes and Suggestions.

For self funded programs KicStart™ VLCD is also available for purchase.

KicStart shake serving suggestions

KicStart soup serving suggestions

To prepare a soup

    • Add 200 ml (or more*) of cold water, not hot water, to the shaker provided, or to a blender, then add the sachet of KicStart™ powder to the water.
    • Shake or blend for 30 seconds or until the consistency of the liquid is smooth and slightly frothy.
    • Pour the mixed soup into a heatproof container and gently heat in the microwave or on a stove top until warm. Do not boil the soup.

*for a thinner soup consistency add more water.

Tomato soup in a bowl isolated on a white background.