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Your healthcare partners for a healthier weight for life

The Healthy Weight For Life team are expert healthcare partners in proven weight management strategies.

They have personally supported well over 15,000 people, on behalf of their health insurer, on their healthy weight journey over many years. The team are now delighted to extend their care, via new self-funded Healthy Weight For Life packages for people who don’t have health insurance or aren’t eligible for a funded program.

The new packages have been designed to support individuals no matter where they are on their personal journey.

Self Guided Healthy Weight For Life

Many powerful factors influence our food choices - although most have nothing to do with physical hunger. Our food choices are impacted by our emotions, long standing habits, availability of fast food, our mood, food advertising, the weather, family, friends, social events and celebrations.

The Healthy Weight for Life tools and expert resources have been extensively researched and developed to help manage these influences on their food choices AND learn personal strategies to choose the right foods in the right amounts.

The Self Guided Healthy Weight For Life – Pack 1 is an easy-to-follow, stand-alone system that people understand and can fit into their daily routines.

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Self Guided Healthy Weight For Life ($190 r.r.p) includes:

On-hand healthcare team to support for your personal plan - easy access to the HWFL dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and OTs via phone, text, message board and email

42 KicStart VLCD nutritionally complete meal shakes and soups (your choice of flavours) and a HWFL KicStart Shaker

Digital Week-by-week Guide, HWFL Portion Planning Disc and HWFL Water Bottle

“Free Vegetables” cookbook with delicious meal options using low starch vegetables

6 weeks access to the Digital Member Hub

Flexible ongoing weight management options available


KicStart VLCD + Shaker

The Healthy Weight For Life Program – Pk 1 looks to kick start your weight loss journey with motivational weight loss whilst progressively building new skills and habits to support a long-term healthy lifestyle.

HWFL Progam Pk 1 includes 42 KicStart™ VLCD shakes or soups (your choice) to enable 2 meals per day to be replaced for 3 weeks (usually breakfast and lunch).

The third main meal during the initial phase, usually dinner, is a portion-controlled normal meal prepared using the Healthy Weight For Life tools and education.

There are six delicious shakes and five tasty soups with lots of serving suggestions and tips to maximise variety - click here to download.

A high quality premium 500mL shaker with screw top lid is included in pack 1. The easy pour spout and volume graduations make preparing your shakes and soups a breeze!

"...starting with the VLCD sachets and slowly graduating to normal food has been excellent for good fast initial results"

Suzanne N

HWFL Graduate
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HWFL Week By Week Guide, Portion Planner Disc and Drink Bottle

Week-by-week Guide (online edition)

The HWFL Week-by-Week Guide (online edition) is the content that forms the backbone of HWFL programs. It has been carefully designed to be read week by week throughout the program and maps out the complete journey making it easy to follow the process. Topics covered include:

Portion Planner Disc

A common mistake many people make with the evening meal is unconsciously consuming a larger portion than they need.

By using the Portion Planner Disc and following the instructions provided in HWFL Week-by-Week Guide you can reduce the energy content of your evening meal by around 50% without going hungry or feeling like you are on a diet.

Water bottle

prima-130 HWFL DrinkBottle

Filling and re-filling your drink bottle (aiming for up to two litres each day) with plain water and drinking from it regularly throughout the day will help you:

    • Maintain your hydration and minimise the risk of mistaking thirst for hunger – surprisingly a lot of people confuse the two and overeat as a result
    • Reduce the likelihood of drinking high energy fruit juices, fruit smoothies, full fat flavoured milk drinks, soft drinks or sports drinks when you are thirst
    • Avoid spending money on expensive bottle water

Free Vegetables cookbook

An important key to successful weight loss and weight maintenance is finding ways to avoid feeling hungry, getting bored and managing the desire for snacks.

'Free foods' are a great way to help you achieve this as they do not contain enough food energy (kilojoules or calories) to have a significant impact on body weight.

The beautifully presented Free Vegetables cookbook is laden with recipes utilising Free Foods i.e. colourful low starch vegetables.

It works perfectly with the Healthy Weight For Life Portion Planning Disc.


"The results I have achieved are fantastic... I found the program easy to follow. The support offered is fantastic ...I have lost 16kgs"

Denise B

HWFL Graduate
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HWFL Healthcare Support Team

The HWFL Healthcare Support Team expertly answer your questions as you seek a healthier version of yourself.

The Healthcare Support Team consists of a specialised multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, dietitians, occupational therapists, nurses, diabetes nurses & program navigators.

Connect with the non-judgemental team via phone, SMS or Message Board for 6 weeks and see how the HWFL programs wholistic approach generates results.

"...received everything (sachets and kit) that was promised including weight loss..haha The girls have been in touch as much as I’ve needed and if I needed more, I rang them"

Kathy B

HWFL Graduate
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Digital Member Hub - Tracking & Education

"The high level of structure in the early days makes it easy to change the old habits... online support was wonderful and supportive. "

Linda P

HWFL Graduate

The epicentre for your HWFL Journey.

  • Access your digital HWFL Week-by-Week Guide
  • Set your personal goals that align to a reduction in excess weight and improved overall health.
  • Be empowered with educational resources - exercise videos, healthy recipes, nutritional information & weekly educational guides.
  • Track & review your progress including weight, activity & health indicators.

Have more questions? Please get in touch with one of our team

"I am much lighter than I was... It is a program well worth the commitment, both physically and mentally. I just feel so much better."

Denise B

HWFL Graduate

"...loved the shakes & soups, found it easy to adapt into my life"

Lea H

HWFL Graduate