Strength, Mobility and Pain Management Kit

There is no cost for eligible HCF and Bupa Members for the kit to be delivered to their home.

The in-home Stand Up To Joint Pain - Strength, Mobility and Pain Management kit (delivered) is suitable for individuals who have knee and / or hip pain and reduced mobility and are motivated to implement their own in-home strengthening, mobility and education program or are already under the care of their local physiotherapist.

The comprehensive in-home program has been developed by a team of physiotherapists and allied health professionals and provides the tools, exercises and information to help better manage osteoarthritis.

For self funded programs, the kit is also available for purchase. View details.

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The program has been expertly researched and developed to integrate:


Strength and mobility

Targeted strength, balance and mobility exercises to help stabilise joints and improve mobility.


Pain management

Complementary pain management techniques and strategies.

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Gentle exercise plan

Gentle exercise such as walking to help reduce joint stiffness and improve physical function.

The program includes:

Detailed Stand Up To Joint Pain instruction and education book with step by step instructions for over 40 graded exercises. 

Step-by-step instructional videos that match the book. View sample video below.

Resistance exercise tubing for use during some of the exercises.

Hot/cold pack for short term relief of pain and stiffness.

Guide Book

Sample video

All the resources you need to do the program will be posted out to you at no cost (following the approval from your health fund) 

Written Instructions

Handbook example

For further information call the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life Team on

1800 226 180.