Recipes - HWFL and KicStart

Whether you're cooking for one or many, entertaining or just looking for a simple snack to get you through, you'll find some great recipe and serving suggestions here.

We've grouped our recipes into the Categories listed below for your convenience.


Kicstart Serving Suggestions

There are 6 delicious KicStart™ shake flavours and 5 hearty KicStart™ soup flavours available which can be used on their own or mixed with an amazing variety of additional ‘free food’ ingredients to make an endless array of unique personalised flavours.

For variety or to jazz up your favourite KicStart™ why not try some of our serving suggestions?

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For self funded programs KicStart™ VLCD is also available for purchase.

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Free Food Snacks and Sides

Free Foods are quite simply, foods that can be consumed freely because they do not contain enough food energy (kilojoules or calories) to have a significant impact on body weight.

Needless to say, they come in handy when trying to reduce and maintain your weight and to avoid feelings of hunger, boredom and the desire for snacks.

In this section, we offer a range of delicious free food recipes that not only taste great – but are great for you too!

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Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the best things you can do to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It makes your body feel nourished and satisfied, and you are therefore less likely to overeat during the rest of the day.

Eating breakast revs up your metabolism and provides you with energy, carbohydrates and B-vitamins to power your muscle and brain. Fibre rich foods will help keep you regular and dairy foods help build strong and healthy bones.

In this section we offer a range of breakfast ideas to kick off your day in a tasty and nutritious way.

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A healthy lunch provides ongoing nourishment, and helps combat the (often unhealthy) afternoon snack attack!

From tasty sandwiches, spaghetti bolognese and a heap of delicious salads and sides, in this section we offer a range of lunch selections - to help you prepare a meal that's healthy and nutritious - whether you're at home, or on the run.

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07HWFL_Portion_planned_Steak_302x203 (1)


Using your Portion Planning Dinner disc makes dinner easy, whether preparing dinner for just yourself or the whole family.

In this section we offer a range of options - including complete meals as well as loads of side suggestions that you can combine as you please.

From home made pizzas and thai green curry, to sweet potato pea
and mint fritatta and lamb mushroom stir-fry, there's something here for everyone.

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glass of ice tea with lemon and mint on white background


Whether it's to cool off during a hot summer day, or a tasty alternative to alcohol, here we offer a range of refreshing beverages that taste great and are healthy too.

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Platter of assorted fresh vegetables with dip


Entertaining when you're watching what you eat can be a potential nightmare!

How does roasted eggplant dip or soy and sesame mushrooms sound? What about a salsa that takes just a few minutes to prepare?

In this section we highlight a range of delicious sides, snacks and dips - that you can serve up at any time with confidence.

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