Stand Up To Joint Pain – Strength, Mobility and Pain Management kit


For individuals who have knee and / or hip pain and reduced mobility and are motivated to implement their own in-home strengthening, mobility and education program or are already under the care of their local physiotherapist.

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The kit includes:

  • Detailed Stand Up To Joint Pain instruction and education book with step by step instructions for over 40 graded exercises.
  • Step-by-step instructional videos that match the book.
  • Resistant exercise tubing for use during some of the exercises.
  • Hot/cold pack for short term relief of pain and stiffness

Handbook for Knee and Hip Strength Balance and Mobility

Resistance Tubing

Stand Up To Joint Pain - Hot Cold Pack

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Weight 0.580 kg

Resistance Tubing

Weight 0.060 kg

Stand Up To Joint Pain - Hot Cold Pack

Weight 0.200 kg


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