KicStart VLCD Flexible Flavour Choice


Mix and match your favourite flavours from the list below in whatever quantity suits your needs and add to your cart.

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Chocolate Deluxe 55g sachet$3.20
Vanilla Bean 55g sachet$3.20
Cafe Latte 55g sachet$3.20
Strawberry Sundae 55g sachet$3.20
Tropical Banana 55g sachet$3.20
Caramel Fudge 55g sachet$3.20
Pumpkin and Herb Soup 57g sachet$3.20
Creamy Chicken Soup 55g sachet$3.20
Asian Beef Soup 55g sachet$3.20
Italian Style Tomato Soup 58g sachet$3.20
Pea and Ham Soup 58g sachet$3.20
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Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 1 cm

Chocolate Deluxe 55g sachet, Vanilla Bean 55g sachet, Cafe Latte 55g sachet, Strawberry Sundae 55g sachet, Tropical Banana 55g sachet, Caramel Fudge 55g sachet, Pumpkin and Herb Soup 57g sachet, Creamy Chicken Soup 55g sachet, Asian Beef Soup 55g sachet, Italian Style Tomato Soup 58g sachet, Pea and Ham Soup 58g sachet


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