Get ready for this winter with this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to remain healthy in the cooler months ahead!

Check #1: Your pantry

When it’s dark and cold outside, it can be hard to tackle those tempters on the kitchen counter or pantry shelves. Make healthy eating the more convenient option by restocking your pantry with healthy convenient comfort foods – jars of dried herbs and spices, cans of lentils and low-salt soup stock for hearty soup bases and herbal tea bags.

Check #2: Your wardrobe

It’s time to layer up in cosy breathable (cotton-based) clothes! Being cold can trigger the desire to eat something warm and stodgy, only to realise afterwards that you probably didn’t need it. This check includes comfortable active clothes (and shoes too), for walks outside and indoor exercises to keep warm and your blood pumping.

Check #3: Your chemist cabinet

The science is still inconclusive when it comes to supplements, powders and elixirs for flu busting benefits. You absorb more of the nutrients when it comes in the matrix within foods – so stick to basics and stock up on seasonal wholesome foods to sail through winter healthfully.

Check #4: Your exercise routine

From Zumba to weights, indoor activities are great to try over the winter season. They will not only make your exercise plans weather-proof, but can also add variety to your activities. Local community newsletters, bulletins and council websites are good places to start your search for nearby social and usually cost-effective programs.

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