SUMAC is a spice made by grinding the dried berries of sumac trees or shrubs. It carries a bold red colour and lemony bite and is commonly used in Middle Eastern dishes, including the spice blend za’atar.

Is Sumac good for me?

It can be used to add flavour to food without adding the same hit of sodium as salt. It is also rich in antioxidants, which carry anti-inflammatory properties and may be protective against chronic diseases such as cancer.

Where can I find Sumac?

Find it in… the herbs and spices section of your local supermarket or at international markets/grocery stores.

How can I use Sumac?

Use it … with lamb, chicken, fish, tomato and red onion. We recommend adding it in marinades, dressings or sprinkling it over chickpeas or tomatoes before baking (for more ideas of recipes you can add it to – see Roasted semi-dried tomatoes, Spicy eggplant dip, Quick ‘n’ easy salsa or Roasted or BBQ vegetable kebabs  ‘Free Food’ Recipes in your HWFL guide).

It can last many months when stored in a sealed glass container in a cool, dark and dry area.

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